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Mark Jordan

"I’ve Got a Way for You to Lower Your IT Support Costs While Practically Eliminating Frustrating Computer Problems, Viruses and Network Downtime"

Our StarGuard Managed Network Plan is Designed to
Lower Your IT Costs While Making Your
Network Run Faster and With Fewer Problems

Dear Colleague,

Thanks to our StarGuard Managed Network plan, you can now get all of the computer network support you need for one low, fixed monthly rate without any surprises, hidden costs, or the expense of a full time IT staff! You’ll also reap the rewards of a secure, efficient, stable network with utmost confidence your important data is absolutely safe from harms way. Just take a look at some the benefits:

  • You’ll eliminate expensive repairs and data recovery costs
    Our proactive management and maintenance of your network will allow us to see and prevent problems before they turn into downtime and expensive repair bills.
  • You’ll reduce your ongoing IT support costs
    Ever pay your computer guy multiple times to fix the same problem over and over again? Enough is enough. Not only can you avoid this common scenario, but our proactive approach to network management is also proven to reduce your ongoing support costs by 30-50% over time.
  • You’ll receive faster support
    Your very own "IT department" will monitor your network 24 x 7 and repair most issues before you even know about them. How’s that for fast? When you need to call us, we answer the phone and can remote control your machine from our offices. No more waiting around for a technician to show up! If a repair is needed onsite (a hardware problem for instance), we'll be on site in 4 hours or less.
  • You'll sleep easier knowing we’re guarding your network from malicious attacks - 24x7
    If you rely on your computer network for daily operations, it's time to get serious about protecting it from viruses, hackers, spyware, and even disgruntled employees. Under this plan, we proactively manage the security of your network and eliminate expensive software purchases and renewals.
  • You’ll receive the most comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery plan on the market
    After several years of providing data backup services to small businesses, we can confidently say that your data will be safe beyond safe. Backups every 15 minutes. Server recoveries in less than 2 hours. I mean, this is going to eliminate the potential for the kind of catastrophe that could wipe your business out.
  • Never tied to a long term contract
    The ability to change your plan, scale up, scale down or cancel without penalties. We enjoy this kind of freedom so it’s also how we like to do business.
  • Low, flat monthly rate
    All the IT services you need for one low, fixed monthly rate without any surprises or hidden costs. Finally, you control your costs!
  • Avoid taking on more full time staff
    We also have specific fixed fee or on-demand services to compliment your in-house IT staff so you can avoid taking on more full time salaried employees.
  • The Guarantee that virtually eliminates all your risks
    We give you a 30 day no-questions-asked guarantee. Factor that with no long term contract commitments. We’re eliminating all your reasons for not picking up the phone to call us now at 888-782-7003 to learn more about our exciting StarGuard plan.
    • After 14 years in Business There is a Reason
      Our Client Retention Rate is 98%!

      Excellent Job of Maintaining Our Systems within Workable Budgets

      “The Vertex Companies (VERTEX) has worked with Optistar since 1999.  During this time frame Optistar has successfully integrated us with a publicly traded company in 2001 and also successfully transitioned the company when a management buy back was completed in 2005.  VERTEX is a complex and dynamic group of companies with many interested parties.  Optistar has always done an excellent job of maintaining our systems within workable budgets.  Optistar services have assisted in increasing our productivity and effectiveness as an organization.  I look forward to continuing our work together in years to come.  Congratulations on being our sole IT provider for the past 10 years!”

      Jeffrey E. Picard
      Vertex Environmental Insurance Services

      Our Last “Company” Was An “IT Guy” Now We Have a Whole Team with Optistar And Our Network Runs 100% Better!

      Our business relies on IT. If our server goes down even for 1 hour it can cost us $10,000 or more. We have used Optistar for many years and have consistently received great service across the board. When we first hired them we were skeptical as our last “IT Guy” was simply not reliable.

      Since the day OptiStar started they have really impressed us with quality support and reasonable prices. Our network is exactly where we need it to be now and we rely on Optistar more than ever. With Optistar managing our network, our focus can be 100% on our business, our customers and our sales.

      Mike Mancino
      Planet One Components

      Outstanding Service
      Responsive to Our Needs

      "Optistar provides outstanding service. Their network engineers are excellent problem solvers and troubleshooters who are extremely responsive to our needs. They constantly exceed our expectations by being available 24/7."

      David Fingerhut
      Axelrod, Fingerhut & Dennis

      Optistar has Exceeded My Expectations - and I Tend to Have Very High Expectations of Everything

      I am absolutely satisfied with Optistar’s service.  They respond to requests in a timely, professional manner, and have no problem explaining technical solutions in such a way that non-technical people can understand.  They have exceeded my expectations and I tend to have very high expectations of everything. OptiStar has yet to FAIL to meet those expectations - rare in my book! One of the biggest benefits I get from Optistar is their rapid, knowledgeable response to any technical need, no matter the time of day - I've had issues on weekends that have been resolved quickly!

      Carolyn Compton
      Director of Business Administration
      Vertex Environmental Services

      But, I am still not sure I want or need this, Mark

      OK. So, I’ve told you about our 30 day no-questions asked guarantee. You also have no long term commitment if you sign up. But you’re still not convinced you need this type of service? I’d like to offer you our FREE 37 point "Ultimate Health IT Check". At no charge or obligation, one of our senior technicians will come on-site and perform a 37-point health assessment to pinpoint any vulnerabilities to viruses, hackers, or data loss, and to show you how to improve the speed and reliability of your computer network.

      Other Companies Have Paid Over $595 for This Same Audit
      But It’s Yours Free Just for "Taking a Peek"

      We're extending this offer to you with hope that you'll see the tremendous value of our StarGuard Plan. Upon completion, we’ll give you a detailed report and explain the findings to you in plain English. We’ll also quote you a fixed monthly fee to proactively support, monitor and maintain your entire network so that you can avoid costly disasters and downtime and reduce your overall support costs.

      To schedule your FREE 37 point "Ultimate IT Health Check" and to get more information about our StarGuard Service, simply give us a call at 888-782-7003 or fill out this form. Either way we’ll contact you right away to schedule your health check and answer any questions you have about this exciting service.

      Dedicated to your problem free computing,

      Mark Jordan Signature
      Mark Jordan
      Optistar Technology Consultants

      Ah! ... One More Thing
      You Are Under No Obligation To Do Or Purchase Anything When You Say "Yes" To This Offer But You Have To Hurry ...

      Although we are eager to provide you with this valuable report and information about your network, time and staff limitations simply will not allow us to give away more than 5 of these free audits per month. Once those 5 are given away, all others will be put on a stand-by list until the following month, or until we complete these initial audits. So, procure your health check now!