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Why Optistar?

See What Our Clients Are Saying

Most impressed with Optistar’s depth of expertise and response time. Worth every dollar we spend!

We initially had reservations moving into a business relationship with Optistar mainly because of the cost.  We were used to paying a small, local IT firm pretty short fees for services, but we were also consistently frustrated.  Since we made the choice to go with Optistar their service has exceeded our expectations, and are worth every dollar we spend. Response is always immediate and extremely professional, and if we need a site visit to resolve an issue, they send a representative within a very short window of time. We are most impressed with Optistar’s depth of knowledge and expertise.   I appreciate Optistar’s guidance and that they are always looking for ways to make our business systems more efficient. For instance, recently they moved our architectural firm to a Cloud File Server. The switchover has been a fantastic move for our business.


William W. Saltonstall, AIA, LEED AP, Saltonstall Architects

Optistar is Serious about Security, Responds “Real Time” to our Requests

Before hiring Optistar in 2008, we went through a few IT companies.  One kept us in the dark and we never really knew how secure we were.  Another just seemed like they did not know our needs well and were overcharging us Optistar from the beginning gained a total understanding of our network and then worked to improve and secure it over time while still meeting our budget. Optistar is very serious in regards to security and regulatory compliance. Aside from their comprehensive knowledge of network solutions and security, in my opinion what makes Optistar stand out is the relationship they’ve developed with us.   Optistar has always responded in real-time to any and all requests – even from their president.  And, all their staff are friendly and professional.

Meredith Merlini, Vice President, National Medical Reviews


We are so happy that we chose Optistar to take care of our information infrastructure. We have peace of mind knowing our systems and our information is protected. Not only that, we are impressed with the customer service that we receive. Optistar is always available when we need them. You won’t be disappointed if you choose Optistar. They provide exceptional service at a fair price.

Hospital Administrator, Gahanna Animal Hospital


The Security Awareness Training program is beneficial to our employees. It provides an overview and examples of the threats that exist in addition to including additional existing scams that are not necessarily email related. Although I was not a big fan of testing our employees, I now understand why it’s important. It makes us all more cognizant and better prepared for the inevitable.


Linda Bonfatti, Controller/HR Manager, Compass Project Management, Inc.

Optistar solves the issues other companies we’ve tried couldn’t

Optistar answers our calls when we need help and they don't make us wait hours or sometimes even days to get our IT issues solved. Thanks to them I am now able to get information from our Estimating department and PM's without having to wait for hard copies to be left on my desk. Optistar has proven to us that they will stand behind their word get things done when you need them done and that they will solve the issues other people can't figure out.

Robert Shephard, Principal, Shepard Construction and Development, LLC

Optistar has Exceeded My Expectations - and I Tend to Have Very High Expectations of Everything

I am absolutely satisfied with Optistar’s service. They respond to requests in a timely, professional manner, and have no problem explaining technical solutions in such a way that non-technical people can understand. They have exceeded my expectations and I tend to have very high expectations of everything. OptiStar has yet to FAIL to meet those expectations - rare in my book! One of the biggest benefits I get from Optistar is their rapid, knowledgeable response to any technical need, no matter the time of day - I've had issues on weekends that have been resolved quickly!

Director of Business Administration, Vertex Environmental Services

Optistar Streamlined our operations Quickly and Effectively

Optistar took the time to understand our business and what we needed to operate efficiently and effectively. Having an online, organized filing system alleviated the confusion we had previously when employees were saving documents to their computers. I would encourage anyone looking for IT Services to give Optistar a try as they have effectively streamlined our operation in a matter of months.

Jean Sampson, Controller, Shepard Construction and Development, LLC

Outstanding Service and Responsive to Our Needs

Optistar provides outstanding service. Their network engineers are excellent problem solvers and troubleshooters who are extremely responsive to our needs. They constantly exceed our expectations by being available 24/7.

David Fingerhut, Partner, Axelrod, Fingerhut & Dennis

Better than ANY past IT consultants I’ve ever used

Optistar takes the time to understand my needs and requirements and then to find the best solution to meet them. And it is not always the “latest and greatest” technology. I like that they recommend stable, tried and true solutions. They do more than just respond to “questions” too. That customer oriented approach combined with their availability to respond to any follow-up questions of clarification make Optistar an ideal IT partner for me - better than any past IT consultants I’ve ever used.

Mr. Per Rydén, Retiree with over forty years of experience in international development including with the Swedish Government, IUCN, the UN and the World Bank

Excellent Job of Maintaining Our Systems within Workable Budgets

The Vertex Companies (VERTEX) has worked with Optistar since 1999. During this time frame Optistar has successfully integrated us with a publicly traded company in 2001 and also successfully transitioned the company when a management buy back was completed in 2005. VERTEX is a complex and dynamic group of companies with many interested parties. Optistar has always done an excellent job of maintaining our systems within workable budgets. Optistar services have assisted in increasing our productivity and effectiveness as an organization. I look forward to continuing our work together in years to come. Congratulations on being our sole IT provider for more than 18 years!

Jeffrey E. Picard, President, The Vertex Companies

our staff has been equipped with the knowledge needed to combat cyber threats

Since we’ve implemented Optistar’s Security Awareness Training for our  company, our staff has been equipped with the knowledge needed to combat cyber threats. Many people don’t understand the dangers that exist, however this strong teaching tool, coupled with the reinforcement from the Phishing Test emails, is critically important in order to keep employees alert. Even if this keeps one employee from clicking on a dangerous email which opens the organization up to loss, it is worth the time and money.

Timothy Brennan, LEED AP® BD+C, Turowski2 Architecture, Inc.

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