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Still Your #1 Defense Against Ransomware!

March 2, 2021

In today’s digital age, cyber threats are looming over businesses of every size. Data is often the core of most companies’ success, which indicates that it is the LAST thing they would want to lose. As a result, organizations must establish a comprehensive recovery plan against data breaches and ransomware attacks. Establishing dynamic backup plans and storing multiple data copies in separate physical and digital locations can serve as a safeguard.

Although the only recourse from ransomware is a good backup, there is one extremely important component that business owners must consider – recovery time. Recovering from a ransomware attack can cripple the business for several days or weeks. So, investing in a backup solution that offers excellent recovery time is the key to spare the company from costs, irreputable damage, or quite possibly, the downfall of their business.

Importance of a Data Recovery Plan

Over the years, more businesses embrace digital transformation and perform mundane tasks within the cloud. It brings convenience while streamlining the delivery of products and services. However, problems arise when either the equipment or the system itself fails eventually. Computers are susceptible to damages after some time. Unexpected power surges can also blow out hard drives along with large volumes of data stored in them. Additionally, the system can be vulnerable to ransomware and viruses.

This issue can further affect the day-to-day operations of businesses that rely on data. It can delay the delivery of products and services and drive away customers after discovering that their information is compromised. Establishing a data recovery plan should involve both backup solutions and swift recovery time. Otherwise, the longer they have to wait until the system restores fully, the more damaging it gets for the business. In other words, a rock-solid backup is only half the battle. How fast you can restore your data is more critical.

What Makes a Robust Ransomware Defense?

People don’t say “time is money” for nothing. When your business becomes a victim of a ransomware attack, there are higher chances that your data gets jeopardized. These breaches can affect organizations’ relationships with their customers, staff, investors, and shareholders. Not to mention, it can taint the honest-to-goodness image of your business. Who can forget the data breach incidents that occurred with Salesforce, Lloyds, Barclays, and Bank of America in the past?

You can only retrieve them if you pay the ransom accordingly. Coordinating with the hackers requires a large sum of cash to acquire the decryption key that opens the system. However, recovering from a ransomware attack is not that simple. You have no assurance that the decryption key does not contain more malware that can bring irreparable damage. Therefore, businesses must establish a robust backup and recovery strategy.

OptiStar Technology Consultants offers strategic advice and backup solutions at any time of crisis for small and medium-sized enterprises. The price you spend for optimal recovery time from any ransomware attack is incomparable to the ransom and risks you will pay for having your data breached. Contact us for an assessment of your current backup and recovery solution or to discuss a reliable, comprehensive, cost-effective solution that will ensure the safety of your business and data.

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