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Webinar Recording: Why You Should Ditch That Old, Expensive Phone System For Microsoft Teams Calling

June 23, 2022

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Optistar Webinar: Teams Calling vs Phone System

Microsoft Teams is everywhere. If you’re not using it already, chances are you’ve heard of it or work with someone using it as their daily communications tool. 

While the collaboration and messaging capabilities of Teams are impressive and certainly useful, the most exciting feature is Teams Calling. What if you could not only use Teams for messaging and calling people within your company, but actually as your primary tool of communication – including making regular phone calls?

Guess what? YOU CAN! And, Glenn reveals why you should ditch your expensive, old phone system and switch to Microsoft Teams Calling during this month’s webinar.

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About Our Speaker, Glenn Wilson

Glenn Wilson, Cloud Systems Specialist at Optistar Technology Consultants, has more than 20 years of experience in network and systems administration and, as such, he has a thorough knowledge of all things “tech”. In addition, Glenn is amazingly skilled at training others to better understand commonly-used applications, and he’s begun sharing his expertise via bite-sized webinars held monthly that offer tips, tricks and tools that will absolutely prove to be beneficial.

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