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Security Awareness Training Bundle
45-Day Free Trial

The 45-Day Free Trial of our Security Awareness Training with Dark Web Monitoring Cyber Security Bundle includes all of the components below that are also included in the paid bundle. Offer Valid until December 31st, 2020!

Phishing Alert Button

We will help install a simple one-click button in your employee’s Outlook or Gmail. Your employees will be able to quickly and easily report suspicious emails to our Service Desk.

Our Service Desk will perform analysis and let the requester know if the email is legitimate or a phish.

Initial Phishing Simulation

We will send out an initial simulated phishing attack to establish a baseline of how well your staff responds and share that information.

Many organizations, even if they think their users are well trained, are often surprised by the results from the initial campaign.

Security Awareness Training

Next, we will train your staff!  Everyone will be required to take their first cyber security training session.  The training session is delivered digitally, interactive, and very informative. Each person will be required to pass a series of short quizzes in order to achieve their certificate.

Employees will be able to complete the training over the course of a week.  In case they want to spend say … 15 minutes a day over three days.  It’s delivered with a password-less link so no one has to remember a new password to take the training.

If you are like many businesses and working from home, at least partially, we will also deliver a weekly series of three 5-7 minutes videos about how to securely work from home or remotely.

This will complete a 4-5 week training series.


We will then send out another phishing simulation to see how your staff does in recognizing and reporting phishing attacks and measure it against the baseline.

Dark Web Monitoring

Training is half the defense strategy.  Eventually, someone clicks on something they shouldn’t.  We will also perform an initial scan for all your employees to see if their credentials are ALREADY being sold on the Dark Web for Cyber Criminals to purchase.

We will immediately alert anyone we find and help them through remediating the problem.

We will continue to monitor your domain and email addresses for the remainder of your 45-day trial.


At the end of the trial, a Senior IT Consultant will review all the results with you, provide feedback and advice, and work with you to determine if this security bundle is right for your organization moving forward.

The ongoing program is similar but more comprehensive and can be tailored to meet your specific needs and compliance requirements.


The cost will be $12 per employee if you decide to move forward with this bundle.

To register for your FREE 45-Day Trial of the Security Awareness Training and Dark Web Monitoring Cyber Security Bundle, complete the form above.

Offer valid until December 31st, 2020.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss details, call us at 888-782-7003.

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